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Welcome to the 3x3 Eyes Digest, a comprehensive resource for hardcore fans. Here you can find the latest news, answers to frequently asked questions, and descriptions of various products. Currently this site contains nearly 100 pages of information, and it is still growing. The goal is to provide fans with the ultimate English-language guide to 3x3 Eyes.

3x3 Eyes, pronounced "Sazan Eyes" in Japanese, is a manga series written and illustrated by Yuzo Takada that was published by Kodansha in the weekly Young Magazine. The series can be described as a supernatural adventure story, with some romance, comedy, and violence thrown in for good measure. The manga is quite popular in Japan, and it ran for 15 years before ending in 2002. The manga is currently being translated into English by Studio Proteus and published by Dark Horse Comics. The first part of the story was animated by Bandai Visual as a four-part OAV series released in 1991-92. In 1995-96, a three-part OAV series called 3x3 Eyes ~Seima Densetsu~ (Legend of the Divine Demon) was released that continued the story. The anime is available in English, both subtitled and dubbed, from Pioneer.

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